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About The Leo Diamond®

The Leo Diamond was launched in the USA in 1999 by Leo Schachter.
Its unique cut results in superior sparkle and brilliance.
Every Leo is designed and handcrafted to be
visibly brighter than other diamonds in its class.

The patented 82-facet cut revolutionized diamond light performance, and The Leo Diamond became the first ever diamond to be independently certified to be visibly brighter than other diamonds of comparable carat weight, color, and clarity.

The Leo Diamond is a work of art.
It can only be handcrafted by master diamond artisans with at least 20 years experience. Only Leo Schachter’s most talented diamantaires are allowed to work on a Leo Diamond.

Extra facets of The Leo Diamond in comparing with a conventional 58-facet round diamond

Every Leo is measured and certified for superior brilliance and beauty, and comes with diamond certification from the most prominent independent gemological laboratories.

IGI (International Gemological Institute) is one of the most prominent gemological laboratories in the world. It certifies The Leo Diamond’s unsurpassed 4C’s grading (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat weight), proving its unparalleled quality.

GemEx Systems is the global leader in diamond Brilliance, Fire & Sparkle certification. GemEx evaluates diamond beauty by using a BrillianceScope Analyzer to measure “Return of Light” from five different viewing angles of each diamond.

By entering the unique identification number at The Leo Diamond Asia official website, customer can view the certificates of a specific Leo Diamond online including information of the artisan who designed, cut and polished the diamond.


With the Grow Your Diamond Preferential Program (GYD), you can enjoy an exclusive value guarantee that let you celebrate every brilliant moment.

Grow Your Diamond Preferential Program allows you to enjoy the appreciating potential of The Leo Diamond by retrieving your purchased one at market price.

By paying the price difference,
you can easily own a bigger and brighter Leo Diamond !


Please visit any of the MaBelle / MADIA stores,
or visit http://www.leodiamond.com.hk。

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