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Diamond Settings

The appearance of a diamond, such as its size, shape and colour, is affected by the way the stone is set. Therefore, it is imperative to pick a setting that best suits the wearer’s preferences.

Prong Setting

For engagement rings, the prong setting is by far the most popular. A thicker shank and a U-shaped prong will make the diamond look bigger. The elegant look suits professionals and mature ladies.

Meanwhile, a thinner shank together with a three- or four-claw prong will lend the ring a more minimalist look, and is suitable for younger women.

The main advantage of the bezel setting is the protection offered to the girdle of the diamond and the security of the mounting. Compared to the prong setting, rings with a bezel setting do not snag as easily on clothes. If the bezel setting is white in colour, it will make the diamond look even bigger.

The tension setting holds the diamond in place by the pressure of the metal band. The diamond is set in small grooves cut into the sides of the shank, which gives the ring a fluid and clean appearance. The setting also allows light to enter the diamond more fully, giving it a brilliant finish.

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